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The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist

The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist


Contact: Kim Johnson-Hennessey


What is the Episcopal Church?

The Episcopal Church is a branch of Christ’s one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church which is both catholic and reformed. The historical roots of the Episcopal Church in North America are traced to the Anglican Church, which traces its’ origin through a line of succession to the Apostles.

The Church is Catholic in its worship and liturgy, and professes the same faith as that of the Apostles. The central act of worship is the Eucharist. Episcopalians confess Christ sacrificed for all, and we accept our responsibility as Christians to minister to the troubles of human society. At the same time, the Church is reformed in its ability to meet each person as an individual and to minister to them individually; in short, the Episcopal Church has the ability and the willingness to meet each person “where they are” without pre-judgment.

-Or in the words of Robin Williams:
I’m an Episcopal, which is Catholic Lite. It’s like; same religion, half the guilt”

We welcome all to join us in our celebration of the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. We extend this invitation to all interested visitors. Parents are encouraged to bring their children. LGBT friendly!



Sunday Mass: 9:30am Every Sunday
All Are welcome! Parish-wide Coffee Hour immediately following!


Food Pantry: Every Tuesday at 6:30
If you are in need please come see us on Tuesdays

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