A Beautiful Day for a Spring Fair

It’s that time of the year again, spring is here and with it is the Center Moriches Spring Fair. At this year’s fair, held on June 8th, there was a vendor for every person, reaching any audience. The most prominent tents were the jewelry shops, ranging from handcrafted necklaces and bracelets, to cheaper, but still stylish jewelry. However, there was no lack of impressive food vendors. One of the most important things about living in a small community like Moriches is supporting local businesses.

Local businesses are what make the town thrive, and the fair had plenty of these. Ranging from Long Island businesses, to some even produced in our own town. If you wanted to support small business, the fair had many options for you.

Askew View Art & Jewelry, produced in Center Moriches. This small shop, run by a local, creates unique necklaces and bracelets using abstract photography from around the town. Affordable, being they are all under 30 dollars and very high quality, you can’t really go wrong with this shop. Mrs. Williams, the owner, praised the community for its support and the opportunity to sell her artwork at the fair. Another vendor, Always Artsea, also caught my eye. With beach clothing and jewelry, Long Islanders could get ready for the summer.

Long Island is home to some of the most beautiful scenery, and one woman brought her art to the fair to show off and sell. Trish Minogue Photos had pictures of the East End of Long Island, anywhere from Smith Point Beach to Montauk. She truly is taking advantage of her surroundings and sharing them with our community.

You can’t have a fair without delicious food, and this fair did not disappoint us. Ranging from southern soul food to gyros to nachos, there were many options to have a meal at the Spring Fair. Maui Waui Italian Ice was a hit, which consisted of italian ice with a creamy topping and a layer of vanilla ice cream on the bottom. Although different, it was surprisingly spectacular. A fair needs to have a place to get a funnel cake, and a few vendors had that on their menus.

One of my favorites was Pickle Packin’ Papa, run by Long Island native Joy. Produced in Rocky Point, these pickles are fresh and homemade. Joy has been running her business for 33 years and the Center Moriches Spring Fair is her favorite and she gives credit to the amazing people and excellent turnout every year. For reasonably priced fresh food at a local fair, you can’t really go wrong.

Another popular food vendor was Nancy’s Biscotti. Run by another Long Islander, Nancy works in her processing kitchen in Yaphank. A little closer to home, she offers tasteful biscotti and it’s no doubt why she was a popular tent at the fair. No matter what your interests are, you could have a great time at the fair. I found a vendor with homemade pens created with polyresin and hand cut wood for all types of collectors. From real authenticated mammoth tusks to pens crafted from the set of Harry Potter, even with some being from the RMS Olympic/Titanic and the very locker of Dallas Cowboys legends Roger Staubach and Emmitt Smith. For the rarity of the materials, they were decently priced, with none being over $150.

The Center Moriches Spring Fair was truly a success. There was a wide variety of shops for everyone in the Moriches community. I and many others had a memorable time at the Spring Fair. With beautiful weather and an impressive turnout, it was a great way to kick off the summer and wave goodbye to the bad weather that we’ve had this winter and spring.

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